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In the beginning of the 60s Nicolás Ruiz, the founding member of grill house Casa Nicolás along with his wife Pepita Elizondo, left their long-time owned tavern Montetxe, very popular among the surrounding neighbors in Arramele, in order to make a career change.
Casa Nicolás gained a significant popularity over the years by its well doing. Few years later, their son, Pedro María Ruiz Elizondo, who gained much knowledge since very young, took the baton and put into practice all he learnt among the stoves to the point that the rotisserie is known by top quality steak eaters as a reference place where to go.
Nowadays, 30 years later, Pedro and his wife Maixa Otxoteco run together the restaurant, with the priceless support of their faithful maître Josune Zubeldia.
It deserves a mention the fact that the future of Casa Nicolás is ensured thanks to Xabier, chef from the third generation, who has learned the secrets of grilling from his father and grandfather.

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